9 EdTech Resources to Try Before Summer

Students and educators are constantly bombarded with apps and online resources claiming to improve the learning experience. To help you navigate through the mountain of options, here are some of the best EdTech trends that you can try before summer.

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1. MyStudyLife

This online planner was designed for students and educators to make their learning and teaching process a lot easier. This calendar application allows you to organize your study schedule, lectures, tasks and exams. By using this tool, you can stay ahead of lectures and assignments and become more productive.

2. Google Apps for Education

Google plays a vital role in the world of education technology. It is constantly unleashing new productivity and collaboration tools that can be used to enhance the learning process.

3. SlideBean

This online tool provides quick ways of making visually appealing presentations in a couple of minutes. Designing a presentation is easy because SlideBean offers a variety of design options. Moreover, you can add video, timelines, text clouds, quotes and images to your content.

4. Timeful

Increase your productivity by using Timeful, an app that helps you develop efficient habits. It is not your average list or note taking app. Timeful uses intelligent code to collect information about your scheduled routine. As it learns your schedule, it will automatically prioritize and allocate tasks to your free time.

5. Quizlet

Quizlet is a free resource that allows students and teachers to study anything they are interested in. This is a smart and simple tool to research, share, and study flashcards in any subject. With Quizlet, learning becomes more fun and engaging.

6. Respondus

Respondus is a very interesting tool because it develops assessments to help educators prevent students from printing, cheating, copying, or accessing other applications during a test. The LockDown Browser application also restricts students from accessing other browsers or sites during an online exam.

7. Padlet

Padlet is a useful app in making collaborative class projects and managing groups. It allows students and teachers to create an online bulletin board where they can display information about any topic. This is a free application and anyone can access it on any device.

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8. EdPuzzle

EdPuzzle is an innovative platform that educators can use as they adapt to the flipped classroom. You can take any videos from the web and edit or shorten them to highlight the exact segment that you need for your lesson. You can enhance your videos by adding a few simple touches or embedding audio notes, lessons, quizzes and questions.

9. Books That Grow

If you’re looking for an interactive library, this digital reading platform encourages students to develop their reading and comprehension skills. It has many fiction and non-fiction texts that are accessible to different reading levels. It has a unique feature allowing teachers to create a virtual classroom to monitor what kind of texts their students are reading.

What other EdTech tools you can recommend to students and teachers to improve their classroom learning experience?

This is a guest post from contributing writer, Candace Meyer. She is a blogger, photographer, and traveler. She’s fond of books and writing articles, stories, and poems. Follow her on Twitter and Google+.