Welcome to a New and Improved eNotes Experience with AI-powered Instant Answers

We are excited to announce the launch of the new and improved enotes.com. As one of the internet’s most-visited Literature websites, eNotes has been a leader in the online education space for over a decade. With the integration of customized features using GPT-4 technology, we continue our tradition of innovation and excellence.

Our new website includes two launch products: Essay Outlines and Instant Answers. Essay Outlines helps students come up with the best possible essay outline to begin their writing journey, while Instant Answers uses our vast content library, combined with AI technology, to provide instant answers to any possible question a student may have about any book, author, historical period, or other educational question.

These answers can be instantly fact-checked by our network of educators, ensuring the accuracy of the generated information. This unique feature allows students to harness innovative technology in a safe, academic environment where Educators are present to fact-check and critique the AI output. Every eNotes member gets unlimited access to AI answers and can purchase fact-checks as part of their subscription.

All the published content on enotes.com is written by experienced educators and fact-checked by our in-house editing team. Our new AI products work in tandem with our vast content library to generate information and outlines, creating a best-of-both-worlds educational experience. All AI answers directly link to existing, human-written eNotes content.

We are proud to offer a free trial for anyone to test our new and improved enotes.com, which will allow students and teachers alike to use AI to generate starting points for research or continue their journey using our premium education content and educator services. We are confident that these new features will further enhance the user experience and continue our mission to provide valuable resources to students around the world.

eNotes.com’s CTO, Matthew Fonda, had this to say about the product launch:

“At eNotes, we believe that a personalized learning experience is key to a good education. Our Homework Help service has succeeded in connecting students with real educators, but scale has always been a challenge. When we discovered GPT-4 and the quality of answers it provided, we knew this would be a game changer for education. Students can ask unlimited questions and get the personalized help they need. This pairs perfectly with our existing network of educators; when students need additional help, they can get their AI answers fact checked and expanded upon by a real human. We are very excited about this new feature and excited to see the impact it has on education.”

eNotes is available with a 48-hour free trial and is $14.95 per month after that. Each subscription comes with one fact-check per month and the ability to purchase more depending on the user’s needs.