25 Graduation Caps for Book Lovers

It’s officially graduation season! Seniors are finishing up finals, collecting their caps and gowns, and bidding farewell to their home away from home. Students are preparing for the bittersweet occasion by decorating their caps before strutting across the stage. The tradition of decorating graduation caps is sort of like the final extra-credit project for students seeking one last chance to leave their mark on the pomp and circumstance. Whether the message is heartfelt or humorous, it’s an opportunity to let your personality shine in the sea of spring commencement.

Here are our 25 favorite #GradCapInspo designs for book lovers.

1. The Crafty Optimist1

2. The Fitzgerald Fan3

3. An Ode to Adventure4

4. The Future Librarian 2

5. Preparing for Flight 5

6. The Winter’s Tale in Spring 6

7. The Next Chapter24

8. Interest is Coming18

9. Last Piece of Advice 19

10. The Harry Potter Posse 11

11. “A Walking Song”13

12. For the Bookworm 8

13. The Opening Statement 22

14. Winnie the Pooh Wisdom 10

15. For the Poets9

16. Finding Your Fairytale 23

17. Where the Sidewalk Ends15

18. For The Outsiders21

19. Shoutout to Shakespeare12

20. Looking for Alaska25

21. The Great Detective17

22. For The Hogwarts Rejects 20

23. “All that is gold does not glitter” 7

24. The Real Hunger Games16

25. Embracing the Future 14

Graduation is undoubtedly bittersweet. While one chapter is coming to a close, a new one is just beginning. So for all you grads gearing up for your final walk across the stage, best of luck! We hope your tassel was worth the hassle.

(All images via Pinterest)

(Featured Image via Unsplash)