New! eNotes Subscription Updates

A new school year means a fresh start—an opportunity to reflect, learn, and improve. We’ve been doing some of our own reflecting, learning, and improving so our student and teacher users gain the most out of their eNotes experience. From fresh designs to updated content, we continue to strive for simplicity, transparency, and high academic integrity. Though this means adopting a few changes, we’re still the same bibliophiles eager to help our users learn and grow.

Let’s go over three new and noteworthy updates we are excited to offer this year.


1. Simpler, More Valuable Subscriptions

After lots of feedback, we have decided to sunset the Plus Subscription and roll all the perks into our new Student Annual Subscription. At the same price of just $49.99 a year, students can continue to unlock all of our premium content—but now with more PDF downloads and the ability to ask several questions in Homework Help (more on this later)!

Untitled design (29)

2. Improved Subscription Management

We want our users to have better control over their accounts, which is why we built a tool to let users easily upgrade and edit subscriptions. Different plans provide different perks, and now you can compare them to see what works for you. Whether you are a student who wants to change from a monthly to an annual subscription for the savings or an educator who needs to upgrade to a teacher subscription for lesson plans and other teaching materials, managing your eNotes subscription is now hassle-free.


3. Subscriptions + Homework Help Questions

We are excited to announce that our subscribers can now ask questions in Homework Help! Homework Help is a vital part of eNotes—it’s where students ask any homework question on any subject and get it answered by a real teacher, usually within just a couple of hours.

Monthly users can ask one question per every month of their subscription duration, and annual users have three questions plus discounts for additional questions. As always, users have unlimited access to our library of more than 30,000 complete study guides and 300,000 Homework Help answers to questions already asked by other students.

We answer new questions every day and add study guide content and teaching resources frequently, so be sure to check our site regularly. As this school year gets started, our team continues to work on lots of other ways to improve the eNotes experience for our students and teachers. If you have a specific feature request, we’d love to hear from you!