New to eNotes: Essay Lab

Write better essays with our latest service, Essay Lab! Get the feedback you need to make your essay great.

What is Essay Lab?

Our mission at eNotes is to assist in the success of our students–providing them with the resources they need to excel in the classroom and beyond. We built Essay Lab to help meet the needs of students asking us for academic feedback on their writing assignments.

We handpicked educators with superior skills in editing, writing, and showing students how to make their writing stronger. Our writing experts provide paragraph by paragraph feedback on grammar, sentence structure and flow, thesis statements, and more.

How Does it Work?

The process is simple and you’re guaranteed feedback in 48 hours or less.

Step 1. Visit and click “Submit Your Essay.”

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Step 2. Tell us a little about what you’re writing. This will help the educator better understand the scope of your assignment or college application essay, and will allow them to better help you. Upload your essay in a .docx, .rtf, or .txt format.

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Step 3. Create or log in to your eNotes account, calculate your essay credits, and submit your essay. We’ll let you know the second someone claims your essay via email.

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Step 4. We’ll send you another email when your essay review is complete, and instructions on how to download the document. You’ll have tangible revisions and comments to improve your essay…and your overall writing!

What Makes Essay Lab Unique?

We take pride in our students’ academic integrity. Unlike essay-writing services (boo…hiss…), Essay Lab is committed to helping students improve their writing skills. We firmly believe students get better by doing, and this service is built to do just that: help students not just write a better paper, but become a better writer. Our writing experts provide feedback for revision, not rewriting. Here’s a sample Essay Lab review on an introductory paragraph.

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We’ve noticed several editing services take a hands-off approach, simply providing a place for editors and students to meet. We are taking a hands-on approach, ensuring the quality and satisfaction of each educator and student interaction. Additionally, we are committed to employing the best: writing and teaching professionals with years of experience. We’re confident that when a student comes to us for help, they receive comprehensive feedback…and leave Essay Lab smarter and more confident.

We’re thrilled with this opportunity to expand our suite of academic services, and look forward to helping students write better. If you have any questions simply comment below, or send us an email at Happy writing!