20 Homework Tweets That Made Us LOL

We couldn’t stop laughing at some of the things our Twitter team came across, so we decided to compile a list that made us llol (literally laugh out loud) in the hopes that you do too.

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1. “sneak peek of my Romeo and Juliet essay”


 2. “ask me how my grapes of wrath essay is going”

 3. “Holden Cauliflower”

4. “Who’s got homework due in tomorrow?”


5. “so I can’t do my math homework cause my duck fell asleep on my calculator.”


6. “OH MY GOD I wrote this on my essay and forgot to erase it helpppp”

7. “Teacher: ‘Where’s your homework?’ Me:”

8. “Should I do my homework?”

9. “When you try to finish your homework as the teacher is collecting it”


10. “Me writing this Hamlet essay”

11. “haven’t done any homework all break”

12. “*writes essay on Hamlet*”


13. “when u accidentally type ‘hamelt’ instead of ‘hamlet’ on your ap lit essay”


14. “When you finally have to do the essay & all the homework you procrastinated on”


15. “so if you can get out the essay you did for homework please…”

16. “…realize you still have an essay to write “


17. “When you have a research essay draft on Hamlet due tomorrow and you have only 1/4 done”

18. “Haven’t finished my homework…”

19. “When you get no math homework”


20. “when your teacher assigns a last minute three page essay as you’re walking out the door”