The Giver Trailer is Here and It Looks Awesomely Creepy

Lois Lowry’s Newbery Award-winning novel The Giver is coming to the big screen, and the first official trailer is out. Take a peek!

The film will star big names Jeff Bridges (as the Giver), Meryl Streep, and Katie Holmes. Newcomer Brenton Thwaites will play the lead role of Jonas, the new Receiver of Memory for his community.

The_Giver_CoverFor those unfamiliar with it, The Giver is a dystopian novel set in a community that has isolated itself from the world and instituted a mandate of “sameness.” In this society, people do not feel emotions, see color, or think for themselves. They adhere to strict rules to preserve order and their seemingly perfect world. Only one in the community is chosen to carry the burden of mankind’s memories, and as he grows old, a new Receiver of Memories is selected—young Jonas. Though his task is to relive the suffering of humankind and remind his community that the sacrifices they have made are just ones, over time Jonas can’t help but wonder whether a world without joy, love, color, even pain, is one worth living in.

For the full summary, plus analysis of themes and characters, visit the eNotes guide to The Giver here. There’s still lots of time to get caught up on our Giver chapter summaries, Homework Help, and quizzes before the movie hits theaters on August 15th!

Will The Giver be this year’s Hunger Games? Let us know what you think in a comment!