eNotes.com Has a New Look!

We’ve redesigned eNotes.com for a sleeker, more modern look that will also provide a better experience on mobile devices. Tablet worshipers study on!

Let us walk you through the new and improved eNotes…


Find what’s relevant to you with Your Dashboard

Already a member? Then the homepage of eNotes is now Your Dashboard. You can access this any time by clicking the eNotes logo at the top-left of every page.


Your dashboard displays activity relevant to you, including a list of questions to answer, Your Stuff (a list of replies to your posts), a link to ask your next question in Homework Help, and easy access to new study guide releases from eNotes in Recently Added.

Access study tools with ease

The site’s top navigation bar provides quick and easy access to eNotes’ Homework Help, study guides, document store, and teacher’s section.

blogimage2To find thousands of literature guides, quizzes, and eTexts, click on the “Study Tools” drop-down menu.

Looks great on your phone, too!

Thousands of pages of expert content fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, and with a bright new look to boot.

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Don’t forget, the eNotes app is also available for download from iTunes. The hands-down best thing about the app is the instant notification delivered to your phone when your question is answered.

Not yet a member? Let us show you how eNotes is a powerful tool for students and teachers alike.

Visit the new homepage at eNotes.com to discover how we can help you study and teach smarter.


When you become a free member of eNotes, you receive access to experts’ answers to students’ questions at no extra cost. You can also read entire eTexts (with our educators’ annotations) and practice with hundreds of quizzes, also for free. And when you’re ready to ask your question we even offer the opportunity to earn Homework Help credits through becoming an eNotes TA. What could be easier? Register here or try eNotes premium today.

We hope you like our new duds as much as we do!