Character Activities for Your Classroom: Part I

We want to help our teacher community spend less time searching for reliable teaching aids and more time doing what they do best. We’re sharing our favorite classroom activities to help teachers curate memorable lesson plans that will engage students’ attention and arouse their excitement.

Let’s take a look at nine character-focused activities for your classroom.

1.) Choose a dynamic character from the novel, and draw a flow chart that traces how he or she changes from the beginning of the book to the end. On your chart, also record any events or experiences that contribute to the changes in the character.

2.) Assume you are a psychiatrist, and a character from the novel is your patient. Write a report that identifies and describes your patient. Diagnose your patient’s psychological problems, and offer your opinion about his or her future.

3.) Write an original conversation between 2 of the characters in the novel. Make sure the conversation reflects their personalities, concerns, and experiences as they are presented in the book.

4.) Create a backstory for one of the characters. Write what you imagine the character’s life might have been before he or she was introduced into the novel.

5.) Assume you are one of the characters in the novel, and post your profile on a dating site. Make sure your profile is honest and really reflects who you are.

6.) Imagine the characters in the novel can text one another. Write a series of text messages between 2 of the characters. The texts should reflect their feelings and their situations.

7.) Create a fictional Facebook page for one of the characters in the novel. Add details to the page that are consistent with the novel or that would be reasonable, considering how the character is presented in the book. 

8.) Choose a character from the book. Write a series of diary entries the character could have written.

9.) Assume you are one of the characters, and write a personal monolog that reveals your feelings about your life.

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