New! eNotes Goodies: Homepage, iOS App, and Dashboard

Not only are we busy writing new study guides, answering hundreds of questions per day, and meticulously conquering comma splices, we’ve also been sprucing up key areas of our site. An overarching goal is to always be making eNotes even easier to use and more valuable to our users (sheesh, humblebrag much?), so we’re excited to show off these new and improved items.

This November we’re rolling out a brand-new homepage, iOS app, and user dashboard. Hopefully all bug-free, Kafkaesque or otherwise.


New Homepage

new homepage blog enotes.png

You know that antsy feeling when immediate surroundings are unchanging and repetitive, day-in and day-out? The only solution, aside from maybe a Hawaiian-beach vacation, of course, is to rearrange the furniture and recharge that furnishing.

We knew we were long overdue for a shakeup (and probably a Hawaiian-beach vacation). Since we’ve been evolving a bit over the years by helping students with more than just book analyses, we felt it was finally time to fully embrace this (buzzword warning🚨) slight pivot. Don’t worry. Our souls will always be rooted in book-wormy bedrock. But since our expanding services of speedy, one-on-one Homework Help has been growing rapidly since its launch, we simply want you to know you can get help with not just any book, but with any question, too!

Head over to our new homepage →

New iOS App

new app enotes blog.jpg

Our new iOS app has all the study guide and Homework Help content you need to get help fast. With just a few taps you can save study guides, ask questions, and take quizzes.

It’s free, it’s easy, and…what more can we say? It’s an app—you know what to do.

Download the new eNotes iOS app →

New User Dashboard

enotes dashboard blog

And finally, after listening to feedback from thousands of eNoters, we are excited to unveil an improved user dashboard. The goal of this overhaul is to make managing your account easier and getting the help you need speedier.

The new dashboard is your own private workstation to better keep tabs on questions asked, study guides or lesson plans downloaded, and quizzes taken.

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We’d love to hear any feedback or answer any questions on these new items, so feel free to contact us or leave a comment below!