The 10 Most Popular Homework Help Questions on eNotes

This month we’re opening our data vault and sharing some eNotes secrets. We get thousands upon thousands of student questions on every topic imaginable. And those questions are viewed by even more students around the world. So it takes a unique question to top our charts and get more clicks than all the rest. Here are the current most popular questions accessed on our site:

1. What are some interesting speech topics for a five minute speech?

Your palms are sweating, your voice is trembling, and the audience is waiting for you to say something. Quick, grab your smartphone and check this eNotes page! We can’t guarantee you a standing ovation, but you will likely get a few laughs or thoughtful “mhms”.

2. List the advantages and disadvantages of globalization.

You can buy a McDonald’s hamburger and a Coca Cola in pretty much any country on the planet, but is that a good thing? These answers will make you think twice about the impact of our connected world.

3. What is the order of colors in a rainbow?

Since the dawn of mankind, humans have admired the glorious spectacle that accompanies the rare meeting of sunshine and rain. eNoters are no exception. Follow-up question: what is the order of colors in a DOUBLE rainbow?

4. How does F. Scott Fitzgerald portray the American Dream in The Great Gatsby through his use of symbolism and other literary devices?

The Great Gatsby is a classic, as is this essay question. Good thing we’ve all learned our lesson about pursuing material wealth — wait, is that a green light I see in the distance?
5. What are 6 songs that relate to Romeo and Juliet?

Looking for the perfect love song or tragic breakup ballad? Look no further! We’ve got your “young love” themed playlist right here. Spoiler alert: Taylor Swift will appear more than once.

6. 3 quotes from To Kill a Mockingbird that show Atticus is respected, tolerant, knowledgeable, and a good parent.

If only we all had viral posts proving how dope we are. Atticus Finch, you are our hero.

7. How Many Moons Does Each Planet Have?

Jupiter, with over sixty moons in its orbit, sees our single moon from a distance and laughs. Even Pluto has more bling than we do, and it’s only a pseudo-planet. Don’t worry, though, ours is still the only one made of cheese.

8. In Macbeth what does “Fair is foul, and foul is fair” really mean?

What, art thou confused that the bard’s tongue doth confuse eNotes students? The answer to this question holds the key to the play’s main themes.

9. Why did the United States enter World War I?

This is a favorite of history buffs and conspiracy theorists. Hint: if you mention Pearl Harbor, you have the wrong war.

10. What are the similarities and differences between DNA and RNA?

Genetics junkies, we have your answer! You can also find some of the longest and most difficult to pronounce words on this page. We dare you to say “deoxyribonucleic” three times fast.

And there you have it: the eNotes top ten questions and their answers, unearthed for your curiosity!