Mother’s Day Cards to Famous (and Infamous) Literary Moms

We love our moms, and they love us!

But… more often than not in literature, we see somewhat, er, nontraditional relationships between mothers and their children.

Some of these relationships are too good (or too bad?) not to comment on, so when we started brainstorming our Mother’s Day post, we kept coming back to the idea of the classic Hallmark card with a little twist. Below you’ll find the Mother’s Day card imaginings of famed literary mother-child relationships.

A little bit snarky, and a little bit sweet, we think you’ll find these a real treat.

Oedipus Rex

To: Jacosta | From: Oedipus


The Odyssey

To: Penelope | From: Telemachus


The Scarlet Letter

To: Hester | From: Pearl


 Pride and Prejudice

To: Mrs. Bennet | From: Elizabeth Bennet



To: Gertrude | From: Hamlet


The Great Gatsby

To: Daisy | From: Pammy