5 Epic Ways to Properly Celebrate Epic Pi Day

eNotes is chock full of nerds, albeit nerds who like to party. So with Epic Pie Day coming up (3/14/15… 3.1415…!) we couldn’t resist wanting to give it proper homage. Here are some ideas we came up with for EPD this Saturday:

1. Epic Pizza Party

When just regular pepperoni won’t slice it for Epic Pie Day, this list does. It includes inspirational creations such as pizza fries, pizza lollipops, Nutella pizza, and ghastly monstrosities such as a McDonald’s Pizza.


2. Epic Ping Pong Tournament

To up the ante on a humdrum Ping Pong tournament, we suggest implementing new rules. Some suggestions I’ve personally experienced with much hilarity:

  • Everyone must use non-dominant hand
  • Ball must touch the ceiling each hit
  • Triples! Instead of doubles
  • Balloon ball (not just for kids, trust me!)
  • Allow your cat to play the part of Pi-zilla

3. Epic Pictionary

Pictionary is a great game for groups and parties, and it’s cost-effective too if you go the DIY route. For more excitement, incorporate these rules:

  • Blindfolded drawing
  • Themed rounds + bonus points for guessing the theme of a round
  • Telephone Pictionary (this is SUPER fun)

pie drawing

4. Epic Pie Swap

A proper go-to for Pi Day homage. And while a pie swap might not sound super hip, pies are delicious and deliciousness trumps everything (and hip-ness is overrated). If you incorporate some of these pies into the mix, your Pie Party will undoubtedly get epic-fied. Maybe just don’t go dancing, swimming, or any other activity that requires even slight movement after… especially if someone brings the Twinkie Pie.


 5. Run an Epic 5.05 Pi k

If you were put off by ideas #1 and #4, this might be the suggestion for you. Instead of a 5k, which is approximately 3.106 miles, opt to run a 5.05k, which is approximately 3.1415 miles. To make this more epic, skip doing this (because running is the worst) and stuff your face with some friggin’ pie.


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