Students: Become an eNotes TA, Redeem Your eNotes Points for Gift Cards!

We’re excited to announce that eNotes students are now able to redeem their eNotes points for real life rewards!

Become an eNotes TA to turn your eNotes points into gift cards to your favorite shops.

We have just posted a number of gift cards to various shops, including Starbucks, Amazon, Target, and more, on our all new TA Rewards page here.

To redeem your points for one of these rewards, you must first earn a TA badge by answering questions in eNotes Homework Help and making it onto the TA Leaderboard.

In addition to being able to redeem their points for real life prizes, TAs are also entered into a monthly giveaway to win a $500 student grant. You can find a complete FAQ on the TA program at this page

Once you have a TA badge, click on the reward you would like to receive and click ‘OK’ to confirm. The gift card will then be sent to the email address attached to your eNotes account and the points automatically deducted from your profile. The card values on our Rewards page range from $5 to $150 – so you can splurge on a smaller gift card now or save your points for something big later.

Check out all the available gift cards here and reward yourself for becoming an eNotes TA! And if you’d like to earn more points to collect a higher reward, check out the many ways to earn points on eNotes here.

Have questions? Feel free to ask them in a comment. Thanks!