Answer Questions, Earn Money for School – eNotes’ New Scholarship Program

Each month we’re awarding a $500 grant to one of our standout students. Could it be you?

Welcome to a new kind of scholarship program. At eNotes, we don’t need you to write an essay to try and stand out from the millions. We just want you to share your knowledge with others and help your fellow students get through their homework assignments.

Contribute your answers to eNotes’ Homework Help and you’ll be automatically entered to win a $500 grant each month! How does it work? It’s simple:

1. Answer questions from other students at

2. Become one of the top 50 student answerers and you’ll earn a place on our TA Scholarship Leaderboard, here. This page displays the students on eNotes who have posted the most answers in the current month.

3. One winner and two runners-up will be selected each month from this top 50. 1st place receives $500 and an eNotes premium membership. Runners-up will each receive a $250 grant. That’s money that can be put towards your tuition, textbooks, anything you spend money on for school.

To stand out from the top 50 on the TA Scholarship Leaderboard your answers must show an enthusiasm to share your knowledge with others, so make your answers fun, informative, and entirely your own.

It’s that easy! Head to eNotes’ Homework Help now to get started or visit our scholarship Leaderboard for more information. You can also check out our TA FAQ page for a complete list of rules and guidelines.

Don’t yet have an eNotes account? Head to this page to sign up for free and start posting answers.

We can’t wait to read your posts. Happy answering!