3 Places to Find the Help You Need on eNotes, Free

It’s almost time to head back to class. Are you ready? Make sure you’re set for school with help from eNotes!

In this post, we’re covering the 3 best areas of eNotes to find the help you need with your upcoming classes. Even better: most of the help you find on eNotes is completely free to access. Check out our eNotes refresher course below and be prepared for Fall!

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1. eNotes Annotated eTexts

Did you know that eNotes hosts over 900 texts online in our eTexts section? From poems to plays, short stories to biographies, we’ve got hundreds of works that teachers commonly select for assigned reading and which you can read on your computer or mobile device for free. You don’t even have to buy your next assigned novel if you don’t want to!
What’s better than an entire library at your fingertips for no cost at all? An entire library of annotated eTexts. Over the past year, eNotes’ educators have been working hard to provide you with expert annotations on some of the most challenging works of Literature. From Dickens to Shakespeare and everything in between, they’ve written comments on important words and passages to help you better understand what you’re reading. To read these annotations, hover your cursor over any highlighted words found in any eNotes Annotated eText. A comment will pop up explaining the significance of those highlighted words. Annotations could cover glossary definitions, analysis or background information–just one way that eNotes helps you to study smarter.

Homework Help is the busiest section of eNotes, putting students in touch with real teachers and expert assistance. You probably already know that you can ask a question here, but did you know that eNotes has more than 250,000 answered questions to search through? Your answer could already be ready and waiting to be discovered. Just type your keywords into the search bar on the Homework Help homepage here to find what you’re looking for.

Looking for questions and answers on one specific work? That’s easy too. Just go to the study guide page for the work, for instance To Kill a Mockingbird here, click on “More” in the top row of links, then select “Homework Help.” This will take you to a page that displays only the questions and answers for that book.

Homework Help isn’t just about asking questions, it’s about finding them too. And searches are always free! Find the answers you’re looking for here.
Stumped by a difficult book? Do you have the answers you need, but not enough scholarly resources? eNotes study guides are here to help your every need. Our guides explain in easy to understand terms the characters, themes and plots of thousands of literary works. On top of that, they’re also crammed full of scholarly sources–articles you can actually cite in your essays. Other online guides would never be acceptable on a works cited page. But at eNotes, we connect you with critical essays from published literary critics and show you how to turn those ideas into A-grade papers with advice on suggested essay topics. Everything you need to ace your English class is right here.

eNotes study guides are open to subscribers only, but membership costs as little as $4 per month, with special deals on offer all the time. Head to our subscriptions page here for more info and to sign up for one month, one quarter, or a full year of expert help and great grades, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
With eNotes, heading back to school is a breeze. Let us help you study smarter and get the grades you deserve this Fall by using our eTexts, Homework Help, and study guides.