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For many of you, midterms are approaching, which means so are the essays and term papers. If you struggle with writing it can be hard to get the specific help you need, especially from the comfort of your own home. Tutors are expensive, and teachers are often too busy to offer the one-on-one help you need when writing or proofing essay drafts. But at eNotes we’ve got you covered.

With our new and improved Essay Lab you can browse the most important writing tips for free, plus ask questions tailored to your very own essay using our Homework Help service. Let us walk you through this area of eNotes and show how it can help you to study smarter:

First, find the Essay Lab section at this link, or by searching eNotes’ Study Guides via the navigation bar at the top of every page.

On the Essay Lab home page, you’ll see a list of our most popular essay writing topics. Each section is further broken down into step-by-step tips under the topics of “How to Write an Introduction,” “How to Write a Compare-Contrast Essay,” “How to Write an SAT Essay” and many more. You can use these tips to self-correct the way you go about writing each kind of essay.

For assistance catered to your essay alone, head to the Essay Lab’s Homework Help area to talk with eNotes’ staff of expert educators. eNotes educators are teachers and professors themselves; who could be better to provide feedback on your first draft, or assistance with forming a thesis statement or essay outline? Just take a look at some of our recommended questions and answers here to see for yourself.

You can browse hundreds of answered questions for free any time, or post your own question and decide how much to pay for an expert answer. Many students post a first draft of their essay in a question to receive detailed proofreading and constructive criticism. Having that second pair of eyesespecially an expert set of eyeson your paper can be a vital step to receiving the grade you want.

We’re making magic in the Essay Lab. Ready to step inside? Check it out at this link today.