Big Brother, Where Art Thou?

Oh yes, there you are, with your party hat on.

What with the recent NSA scandal, George Orwell’s dystopian caution that “Big Brother is watching you” has never seemed so relevant. In fact, sales of 1984 skyrocketed just after news broke that the US government was tapping into your average Verizon member’s mundane phone calls. So, how better to celebrate Orwell’s birthday this week than by a subtle nod to the constant gaze of the Party–complete with party hats?

Such was the idea of the Dutch artist duo Thomas Voor’t Hekke and Bas van Oerle (known collectively as “FRONT 404”). Their simple concept was to decorate the ubiquitous security cameras of Utrecht with eye-catching birthday hats.

I think it’s both a great reminder to the public that eyes are on you at basically all times (not saying that’s a bad thing–just something to be aware of) and a fun way to honor the late Orwell. What do you think?

Big Brother is watching YOU

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