8 Punctuation Marks You Never Knew You Needed

Sometimes an ellipsis just isn’t enough. Sometimes you need… a superellipsis. As we increasingly communicate with each other through the written word, via texts, comments, and online chats, does anyone besides me feel that our choice of punctuation marks is sorely lacking? Well, I suppose College Humor does, since they’ve given us these suggestions for 8 new marks the English language direly needs. Now let’s get working on getting them all passed, because I don’t think Facebook can handle any more complaints from my end about enabling italics. No shame.

*This almost never happens.

Now you just have to practice your calligraphy and/or coordination skills.

If you really need a Hemi-Demi-Semi Colon, you should be watching this video. And now, last but not least:

Because everything sounds better when God, I mean Mandela, I mean Morgan Freeman says it.

What punctuation marks would you create? Tell us your ideas in a comment!