Ten Unusual Gifts for Readers and Writers

For many of us, one of the most anticipated and happiest things about the holidays is having a few days off to catch up on reading and writing. If you know someone who loves to while away the hours with a good book or a pad and pen, here are ten gift ideas to make their space, and their time, even more meaningful.

1. Every reader has a special spot to curl up in. Make that time even more cozy with this beautiful throw featuring the image of architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hillside theater.

2.”Once upon a time there was a beautiful and extremely talented writer… “.  A fabulous, funny, and inexpensive ornament to give to any female writers on your Christmas list.

3. The Ultimate Literary Calendar certainly seems to live up to its name. Each week highlights a specific author, notes births and deaths, and whatever happened during that week of literary importance, as well as photographs and reading suggestions.

4.  “The art of writing,” Mary Heaton Vorse observed, “is applying the seat of the pants to the seat of the chair.”  This refrigerator magnet serves as  comical reminder for any writer you know, and it’s perfect for slipping in a stocking or a Christmas card.

5. Falling Books Bookend helps your favorite reader acknowledge that they probably have more reading than they can ever get to but at least this little guy will keep them from being completely crushed.

6. Know someone writing the next great rock opera ? Give your own composer a set of these cool drumstick pencils and help kick  Tommy 2012 into life.  Yes, it will drive you crazy but such is the price of artistic expression.

8. What reader couldn’t use a few of these placed strategically around the bed and/or couches?  This Bedtime Reader’s Nightstand has six shelves that will help reduce clutter and keep your favorite reader organized as well!

9. Carl Sandburg said, “Slang is “language which takes off its coat, spits on its hands — and goes to work.”    The Dictionary of American Slang and Colloquial Expressions is a resource no writer should be without and a fun book to dip into for anyone who enjoys the ebb and flow of language.

10. Writer’s Block Wines. From the winery’s website:

Writer’s Block has blossomed into an acclaimed line of nine wines. The Writer’s Block wines invite you to take a sip, relax into the bucolic, wisdom-bound realms of Dionysus and to remember Demeter by reaping the harvest of whatever inspired message you find in the effects of this adventurously fermented experience.

Uh huh. Actually, I have had both their Malbec and their Syrah, both of which were quite enjoyable and rather a bargain at between $14-15/bottle. Good to get, good to give!

Happy holidays!