Win a Year’s Supply of Bacon From eNotes!

eNotes free year of bacon supplied by baconfreakSure, we are pretty fond of Sir Francis around here, but nothing beats a sizzling pan full of the other white meat. In honor of every college student’s favorite food, eNotes is giving away a year’s supply of bacon. That’s right. A YEAR’S SUPPLY OF BACON from BaconFreak will be delivered to your doorstep, and we’ll also throw in a 1-year premium membership to eNotes.

eNotes has always helped you with your grades by providing great study guides and a free Q&A forum. Now we want to help you out with your breakfast by giving away a 12-month subscription to’s “Bacon is Meat Candy” Bacon of the Month club. Check out the gloriousness here.

Wanna win? All you have to do is post on your Facebook page why you need and to help you bring home the bacon this school year, making sure to @ tag the event so we know you entered! (Or you can just write it on our wall.)

Don’t know how to tag? Just type an “@” in your status update, and then type “bring home the bacon.” If you don’t tag us, we can’t see your entry, and the bacon can’t be sizzling in your kitchen!

An example of tagging:

I need and @bacon freak to help me @bring home the bacon. For free, cuz I have five roommates. And bacon is the breakfast of champions.

We’ll randomly select a winner next Friday (September 17)! Good luck!