The Good, the Bad, and the Gross: Dark Origins of Our Favorite Fairy Tales

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We’re all familiar with at least some aspects of most fairy tales. After all, who hasn’t seen a Disney movie complete with singing princesses and their trusty dancing spoons? To some, these stories are perfection and you don’t mess with perfection. But alas, the original creators of these beloved tales weren’t thinking about singing teacups and whistling puppies. No, these writers were a bit more, shall I say, Grim(m)?

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5 Jack London Quotes About Life and Meaning

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Jack London was born on this day in 1876. Decades after his time on earth, many of us still hold The Call of the WildTo Build a FireWhite Fang, and his other works close to our hearts fraught with wanderlust. His writing instills a sense of adventure, enjoyed by young and old readers alike to this day.

Here are five of our favorite quotes that reflect London’s voice and resilient nature, as he instructs us to live a proper life to the fullest. Continue Reading ›

10 Popular Songs With Literary Roots

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Books, movies, music… the media. They influence and mimic (and steal from) one another, resulting in a rich network of ideas and entertainment.

At eNotes, we are unabashedly biased toward the written word (#BookNerdPride), and become giddy when books are the source of motion pictures or other modern cultural benchmarks. While bopping my head to some Lana Del Rey last week, “hey, Lolita, heyyyy” blasted through my headphones; I became curious about other modern songs with bookish Easter eggs. A bit of Wikipedia studious research later, and I was pleasantly surprised with all the hit songs with literary inspirations. Continue Reading ›