The World’s Top 8 Bookstore Ads

These days the world of independent bookstores (and giant chains of bookstores) just has to get more and more eye catching to compete with readers’ shrunken attention spans. What to do? Hire the entire cast of Mad Men and come up with one of these genius spots, to start:

1. Mint Vinetu, Vilnius, 2011.


2. Whitcoullis, New Zealand, 2011. Amazingly the poster includes all the words to A Clockwork Orange. (Because it’s just the kind of novel you want to read in really tiny script…)

3. L’Echange, Montreal, 2007. See another here. An ingenious marketing strategy for a popular secondhand book store.

4. Johnson County Library, Kansas City, 2009. Those are real book courier trucks driving the streets of Kansas City!

5. Biblioteq, Cape Town, 2010. A little blunt and a lot graphic, perhaps, but then again books will blow your mind.

6. Anagram Bookshop, Prague, 2006.

7. Another witty entry from L’Echange, Montreal. 

8. Oxford Bookstore, 2008. But the single best reason to read books? Because life hurts.