Teaching Is a Conversation

Teaching is unlike many other professions in that most instructors are eager to share ideas that work (and indeed, ones that looked good on paper but fell flat in practice) within their classrooms. The Internet age has made it even easier to swap ideas, lesson plans, Powerpoint presentations, bulletin board projects, and a host of other innovations that help students learn and teachers to do what they do best, namely, teach.

Here at eNotes, we encourage this partnership in learning by offering lively discussion topics on our Teacher’s Group Discussion Board and by offering a Document Exchange feature, in which teachers can submit worksheets and other materials. We are happy to compensate you up to $4.00 for each document accepted.

We invite you to check out some of the recent postings on our discussion boards. Please feel free to chime in, and if another topic occurs to you, post one of your own!

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What is your number ONE rule in the classroom and why?

Is good handwriting still an important skill to learn or should schools stop wasting time worrying about it ?

How have recent reforms in education altered your teaching practices?

Please also take a minute to look through some of the documents other teachers have exchanged. Most are free to eNotes users. You will find all sorts of useful items, such as quizzes, handouts, tests, Powerpoints, and more!