Curiosity Killed No-One: A Round-Up of eNotes’ Answers Across 10 Subjects

No matter what subject interests you, eNotes has you covered. Check out these recent answers from our expert editors, below:


In Of Mice and Men, who deserves to be punished for Lennie’s death?


What was the Holy Roman Empire?


What is the final product of translation as a part of protein synthesis?


Given the sample {7,6,10,7,5,9,3,7,5,13} find the standard deviation.


What are the principal characteristics of Baroque art?

Business: How does a subsidy affect a market?

Social Sciences: What is critical race theory?

Law: What social trends will affect the criminal justice system over the next ten years?

Health: Make the argument that individuals with preexisting conditions should be able to purchase health insurance at the same cost as those without such conditions.

Religion: How do theologians address the issue of how we give meaning to the world when a loved one dies?
And an interesting discussion board to chime in on…
Should health insurance plans include infertility services?

New Essay Help! A Round-Up of the Week’s Best Q&A

Hey eNoters! Do you have papers coming up? Would you like some help with that? (You’re all nodding your heads, aren’t you?)

Well, hey presto, you’re in luck! We’ve just added twenty recommended questions to our Essay Lab topic that are sure to help you conquer that tough persuasive essay or that seemingly insurmountable research paper. Here you can find answers to such questions as…

How can I best quote from and cite a source in an essay?

How can I write a thesis for an essay?

What are some tips for writing a high-scoring SAT essay?

What are some tips for writing a college application essay/personal statement?

How do you structure an MLA Works Cited page?

There, now no more scrounging around on search engines, reading through mounds of inexpert writing help. Our team of qualified teachers and professors have you covered! You can read all of our recommended Essay Lab questions here.

Looking for something more specific? You can ask an essay question of our editors whenever, wherever, completely free of charge. You can even post a paragraph from your draft to receive feedback and guidance.

Getting an A is easy when you ask for help in the right place.

eNotes Q&A Reaches 100k Questions

We’re thrilled to announce that the eNotes Q&A section has reached 100,000 student questions. Appropriately enough, the 100k question was asked about one of the most popular novels on eNotes, The Great Gatsby. Click here to read the question and the answer.

If you are a student who needs help with your homework, check out our Q&A, discussion board, and in-depth study guides. If you are a teacher who would like to get paid for helping students, apply to become an eNotes editor.


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