20 Homework Tweets That Made Us LOL

We couldn’t stop laughing at some of the things our Twitter team came across, so we decided to compile a list that made us llol (literally laugh out loud) in the hopes that you do too.

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1. “sneak peek of my Romeo and Juliet essay”

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5 Epic Ways to Properly Celebrate Epic Pi Day

eNotes is chock full of nerds, albeit nerds who like to party. So with Epic Pie Day coming up (3/14/15… 3.1415…!) we couldn’t resist wanting to give it proper homage. Here are some ideas we came up with for EPD this Saturday:

1. Epic Pizza Party

When just regular pepperoni won’t slice it for Epic Pie Day, this list does. It includes inspirational creations such as pizza fries, pizza lollipops, Nutella pizza, and ghastly monstrosities such as a McDonald’s Pizza.

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Fact or Fiction? Famous Test-taking Strategies Reexamined

You have approximately 113 standardized tests to take before you graduate high school. That’s not even counting your pop quizzes, AP classes, or college entrance exams. Everyone thinks they have a few magical test-taking strategies up their sleeve (socks inside out, lucky undies, answers written on the inside of – wait, no!) Find out whether the strategies you swear by are true life-savers… or total fiction.

 1. Bananas are instant calming agents.

THE MYTH: The whiteboard is going fuzzy. Your leg won’t stop jittering. A bead of sweat rolls down your forehead and your stomach is about six seconds from expelling its contents onto your desk. “Wait!” you cry. Time stops, and you run to your locker to grab the item that you hope is there…IT IS! You peel the banana in record time, cram it into your mouth, and slide into your seat with a stable heartbeat and steady hands to ace your biology midterm.

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9 Best EdTech Tools for Teaching Essay Writing

When teaching their students how to write essays, educators have a great responsibility. Young learners are rarely interested in the process of writing, so the way you inspire them is of crucial importance. You cannot give plain instructions and tell your students to write an essay; you need to make the challenge more attractive and creative for them.

With the following apps and tools, you can rely on educational technology to turn ordinary writing lessons into imaginative learning experiences.

Story Bird

1. StoryBird

Your students’ words can be turned into amazing stories through the beautiful art featured on this website. You can start introducing StoryBird into the classroom by exploring the work of other authors. Then, your students will be motivated to experiment with their own imagination. Continue Reading ›

Growing Up: Turning 21 and Other Reflections on a Quarter Life Crisis

Funny looking brunette woman student trying to study in her room

According to many, I’ve crossed the final threshold into adulthood. On February 14, I turned 21. For many people this means trips to Vegas, wineries, and (if you live on Capitol Hill in Seattle) a “21 Run” which consists of a parade through a minimum of five bars the night of your birthday.

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March’s Teacher’s Corner: Blended Learning


In the olden days—really not that long ago—technology in the classroom was an intercom connection with the office and a 16mm projector that showed black-and-white documentaries. When film strip projectors arrived on the scene, they represented real innovation; a film strip machine with audio and auto advance was cutting edge. The term “blended learning” didn’t exist because there was nothing to blend. Continue Reading ›